Buakonikai Methodist Chuch took 26 years for the Banabans to physically move a mountain by hand and build this grand building and only half a day for Cyclone Tomas to nearly destroy it. Help our Banaban community rebuild - DONATE NOW!
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We now have an Australia bank account** open for those wishing to make direct donations in Australia

Account name: Banaban Trust Fund Board

BSB: 032 004 

Account no:  146345 



**If making a direct deposit please mark your donation as- RABI AID and add your name.

Please email your contribute details to: admin@banaban.com

We also still have our PAYPAL secure DONATION link (at top of this page) which allows donations in various currencies including US dollars and is ideally suited for overseas contributors. Nature Pacific Pty Ltd is sponsoring this link and all money is being transfered to the above account.


Rabi Island Fiji was devastated by Cyclone Tomas, the worse cyclone to ever hit Fiji. While we now have emergency food rations and Red Cross have provided basic home items including cooking and eating utensils, blankets etc to assist those who had lost their homes, much more aid for the long term efforts to rebuild the island is needed. 

The food trees and crops will take months to recover or have to be completly replanted. It is important to keep long term aid and assistance coming in.

The Rabi houses were already very damaged over the years of  cyclones that generate in this remote northern area of Fiji, and most houses were already suffering from the constant battering and lack of international aid required to regenarate a very impoverished community. Now many of these buildings need complete rebuilding to provide our community with basic and safe shelter.

Your generous efforts CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Please DONATE now!


See exactly where your donation to the Rabi Relief Fund is going and meet the people in the villages you are helping. Hear interviews with Fiji Agricultural officals state that 90-100% of Rabi's food crops have been destroyed on the island at:

Cyclone Tomas Videos