Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun1996

'HEALTH' ISSUE. This issue focuses attention on the health of the Banaban Community and a focus on educating ways to improve the daily diet. Also a special 'Rehabilitation Forum' this issue by Earth Scientist - Jonathan Willis-Richards at the Dept. of Resources of Engineering, Tohoku University. Japan. This issue features the results of a 'Voluntary Medical Check Up for Public in Rabi Island' written by Noriko Hayashia & A story on 'Banaban Traditional Medicine' by Tematoro Jack - 'highly recommended' entry in the Banaban Literary Prize 1994. Our Japanese Society member - Manabu Kitaguchi organised a team of Japanese health officials, including a World Health Official to conduct this important assessment of Banaban health on Rabi Island. This is the first such survey conducted. Total 24 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jul-Aug-Sept 1996

'AGRICULTURE' ISSUE. Following on from our 'HEALTH' Issue, this issue looks at the future of Agriculture on Rabi Island. More information on the 'Homecoming Trip 1995' and Part One - 'Reminiscences of Island Doctor' by Dr. Paul Prociv. FEATURE STORY: Includes 2 separate articles, the first by Carolyn Wright, "A View of Agriculture on Rabi Today" and the second "Te Koro Karewe" by Linda Karakaua, 2nd Placegetter in the 'Banaban Literary Prize 1995'. Total 20 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Oct-Nov-Dec1996

"A YEAR IN REVIEW - 1996" ISSUE. Announcing two Society Patrons for the Society and acknowledgements for our sponsors and corporations. Also a review of our Completed Projects for the year, including 'Computer Program at Rabi High School' by Dan Bridges, and 'Communications Project 1996' by Iain King. FEATURE STORY - NEWS FLASH! 'Review of Rabi Council Elections" by Rabi Correspondent, Kaiea Bakanebo, and various press releases from Fiji Times. Total 22 pages


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jan-Feb-Mar 1997

A special EDUCATION ISSUE all about the history of Banaban education on Rabi and Banaba Islands. Also Part One of 'Visiting Banaba For The First Time' by Stacey King during the making of Japanese documentary on Rabi and Banaba island. Our FEATURE story is the winning story from the Banaban Literary Prize for 1996 - 'TEENAGERS PROBLEMS ON RABI ISLAND' by F. Ieli. Total 22 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Mar-Apr-May 1997

This issue is titled - THE INVASION OF BANABA, and features REPORTS OF JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF OCEAN ISLAND during World War 2. Various first hand accounts and evidence given at the War Crime Trials are included in this issue. All the final updates and passenger list for 'HOMECOMING' TRIP 1997' and Part 2 of Stacey King's report on 'My First Visit to Banaba'. Total 18 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jun-Jul-Aug 1997

This issue FEATURES the HOMECOMING TRIP 1997. Which includes a full Secretary's Report by Stacey King. 'Snippets' from HOMECOMING letters and 'Thank You' to all those involved in making the trip possible. There are Three Feature Stories in this issue all told by participants in the HOMECOMING trip. Marion Laritz, Australia, Garry Hawkins, United Kingdom and Natalie Minnis, Scotland. This issue includes Membership renewal and Nomination Form for new Society financial year. Total 22 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Oct-Nov-Dec1997

This issue details information on the restructuring of the Society to the International Banaban Society. Also the recovery of Banaban artefacts and ancestral remains from Australian National University, Canberra. Feature Story by Alan McCarthy titled, ' PACIFIC COASTWATCHERS".


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jan-Feb-Mar 1998

Restructuring of Society. Members of the Interim Committee listed.  Issue Features: Sponsors Needed for Banaban Radio Program by Aren Baoa - Fii/Banaban Rep.  Feature Story:  "RECENT INVESTIGATION - Ocean Island, Central Pacific" by Lorraine Thwaites & Vickie Conrad


Banaba/Ocean Island News Apr-May-Jun 1998

Last and FINAL ISSUE of the newsletter and the close of the Society after plans to restructure the Society were rejected by the Rabi Council of Leaders.