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We have copies of old Banaban Ocean Island Newsletters which contain a wealth of historical information relating to early Banaba Colonial history and the Banabans life on Rabi today.

There are a total of 29 issues available for download and we have made them available at US$5 per issue to assist in raising funds for the current Banaban project:


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So if you are wanting to learn more about Banaban history and would like to help the community at the same time please support us by downloading these documents.

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Banaba/Ocean Island News issued approx Feb-Mar 1993

The first edition of the ‘NEWS’ gives some background into the setting up of the ‘NEWS’ and the Feature Story - ‘THE WILLIAMS OF OCEAN ISLAND’ tells the Editor’s own family background and their early involvement with the islands history. Total 4 pages


Banaba/Ocean Island News issued approx Apr-May 1993

This edition features the first Cinema and Theatre on the island back in the early 1900’s. The Feature Story - ‘THE CINEMA & THEATRE ON OCEAN ISLAND’ by Frank Miller, is about the authors father who was the island’s projectionists and the first man in the southern hemisphere to operate an open air cinema. Also included with this issue is the a copy of the ‘NEWS’ mailing list, to put members in contact with old friends and acquaintances from the past. Total 6 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News issued approx Jun-Jul 1993

This edition features the first Police on Ocean Island. The Feature Story - ‘ARTICLE ON RABI’S POLICE HISTORY’ by Kaiea Bakanebo, of Rabi Island, also relates the history behind the Banabans forming their own Police on their new island home in 1945. Total 12 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News issued approx Aug-Sep 1993

This special Rabi edition feature photographs taken on Rabi back in the late 1940’s. The Feature Story - ‘THE PURCHASE OF RABI ISLAND FOR THE BANABANS’ was written by the man who actually was involved with buying the island, Professor Harry Maude. Harry was a Colonial Official at the time. Total 10 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News issued approx Oct-Nov 1993

This general edition features the moving story by Banaban man, Kaiea Bakanebo who visits his homeland for the first time in the 1970’s. ‘JOURNEY TO OCEAN ISLAND Part One - TEITENIBAURIRI CULTURAL DANCING GROUP.’ Total 14 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News issued approx Dec-Jan 1993

Special Christmas 1973 issue. Featuring assorted Christmas memorabilia from the Colonial period on the island. The Feature Story is the conclusion to Kaiea Bakanebo's story as he makes a second and final trip back to his homeland. 'PART 2 - OCEAN ISLAND 1979'. Total 14 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jan-Feb 1994

Special Banaban edition. This issue covers a trip by Ian McLachlan, who’s grand father is buried on the island, as he travels to Rabi and Banaba to rediscover his family roots. With Banaba being so remote, Ian’s story and photographs give us a rare insight into life today on Banaba. The Feature Story is titled ‘JOURNEY TO BANABA 1992’. Total 14 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Mar-Apr 1994

ANZAC DAY 1994 edition. This issue is dedicated to the War History on the island and features three different first hand accounts of the effects of the War and the impending invasion by Japanese forces. The titles of the Feature Story are - ‘FAREWELL TO BANABA’ by Maureen White, Australia. ‘THE EVACUATION OF OCEAN ISLAND’ by Bill Marston O.B.E., Australia. ‘RETURN TO OCEAN ISLAND POST WAR’, by Joan Ramsay, New Zealand. This issue also sees the introduction of a ‘REHABILITATION FORUM’. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun 1994

A special Postal History edition featuring many of the old stamps from the island. The Feature Story ‘OCEAN ISLAND POSTAL HISTORY - Part l, 11, 111.’ was written by Philatelist and Postal Historian Ken Humphreys. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jul-Aug 1994

This edition looks at the various Shipwrecks on the island. The Feature Stories are - ‘THE SHIPWRECKS OF NAURU & OCEAN ISLAND’ by Captain John Marine Fisk. ‘PART 2 - THE BIRTH & DEATH OF A LIBERTYSHIP’ is from an article published by the British Phosphate Commissioners. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Sept-Oct 1994

The Early Pioneers of Ocean Island features various characters from the Banaban and European communities. The issue also includes a special ‘MAP SURVEY sheet. The Feature Story - ‘GOOD OLD PETER’ was written by Pacific Historian John Orr, and is Part One in a series by John on the life of Captain Peter Theet, the first Harbour Master on the island. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Nov-Dec 1994

Christmas Edition for 1994. This issue carries the winning entry of the inaugural Banaban Literary Prize, that is open to the students from Rabi’s High School and is called ‘te Karaki Nikawai’ - ‘Stories from the Past’. The Feature Story is titled - ‘TRADITIONAL METHODS OF FISHING’ by Puputi Sunema & Temamira Teruba. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jan-Feb 1995

General edition, carrying a supplementary for BANABAN GREETING CARDS. A fund- raising project by the ‘NEWS’ to help with the photo copying of photographs and documents for Rabi new Community Library. The Feature Story is titled ‘THE NAURU EXPEDITION - OBSERVATIONS & ANALYSES’ and was supplied courtesy the Cousteau Society in Paris. This report is the first study into the effects on the surrounding reefs of phosphate mining on Banaba & Nauru. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Mar-Apr 1995

ANZAC DAY 1995 edition. Again featuring photographs and stories relating to the invasion on Banaba by Japanese forces. Our Feature Story is by a 15 year old Banaban lad, who took out third placing in the Banaban Literary Prize, and tells the amazing story of the only man to survive the Japanese massacre on the island. The Feature Story is title ‘THE INTERROGATION OF KABUNARE’ by Telefou F. Fiafia. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News May-Jun 1995

FISHING ISSUE - SPECIAL RABI POSTED EDITION. Featuring photographs and stories relating to the renown traditional skills of the Banabans who were once considered the ‘Greatest Fishermen in the Pacific...’ The Feature Story is a reprint from “The Journal of the Polynesian Society” Volume 76 No.4 December 1967 called “THE STALACTITE FISH HOOKS OF OCEAN ISLAND” and was written by H.E. Maude and R.J. Lampert. This issue coincides with the opening of Rabi first Community Library and the return of one of these prize Stalactite Fish Hook by Harry & Honor Maude to the Banaban people. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Jul-Aug 1995

General edition, with a Special feature on the trip to Brisbane by two young Banabans, Tatauea Bakanebo and Biara Touakin, who represented the Banaban Community at an Pacific Indigenous Peoples workshop jointly sponsored by Australian Government - DEET, and ‘THE BODYSHOP’. Our feature story this issue is the two papers presented by Tatauea and Biara on the Women's Interest Program, and the Youth Program that are in place on Rabi Island. This important step was the first recognition by the Australian Government of the Banaban Community at a Pacific conference. Total 16 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Sep-Oct 1995

A special issue introducing the newly formed - BANABAN HERITAGE SOCIETY INC. This issue sees the change over of current ‘News’ members to automatic membership in the newly formed Society. From this issue the Newsletter will be known as the official newsletter for THE BANABAN HERITAGE SOCIETY INC. Our feature story comes from one of the Society’s Honorary Counsel team - Ellie Marsden, as she explains the main functioning and objectives of the Society. Also included is an insert Order Form for Banaban Greeting Cards and Rabi Police Badges. 17 page issue.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Nov-Dec 1995

RABI 50TH. ANNIVERSARY - Special Edition. This important issue has been proudly sponsored by ‘THE BODYSHOP’, Australia & New Zealand, and covers historic documents relating entirely to Rabi Island’s history. There are congratulatory messages from Network members around the World, and the inclusion of the historic - Rabi Honour Rolls, which documents the names of every man, woman and child to arrive on Rabi in 1945. Our feature story is the winning entry in this special years - ‘te Karaki Nikawai’ - ‘Stories from the Past’, BANABAN LITERARY PRIZE - titled - “FOLKLORE” (Why Ocean Island looks like an overturned Canoe & The Tragic Escape of Kabunare from Death) by young Banabans - Rerentemaraki & Mereta Teriota. Total pages 34.


 Banaba/Ocean Island News Jan-Feb 1996

"LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE" ISSUE. This issue sees the introduction of two new column writers for the newsletter. Dave Lambert - Reshape Australia begins his "A Simple So]lution" which will cover issues and information on the Latest technology regarding alternative power and renewal Energy. Ellie Marsden, our Society's Legal Councilor offers free legal advise and help on other topics in her "Ellie's Corner" segment. The idea of a HOMECOMING TRIP is raised while we publish our first ever BANABA News segment, by our roving Rabi Correspondent who was on holidays in Tarawa. Our feature story is by Sarah Armstrong - Producer of 'Foreign Correspondent' as she tells our readers about the fun and experience of their trip to Banaba. ABC 'Foreign Correspondent' team have been the first film crew to visit the island since Jacques Cousteau's team in 1991. Total 24 pages.


Banaba/Ocean Island News Mar-Apr 1996

ANNUAL 'ANZAC DAY'' ISSUE. Once again we focus on the War years with pictures and stories relating to the War History of Banaba/Ocean Island. This issue we also introduce another regular column with Carolyn Wright's - 'Farming A Food Forest'. In Carolyn's column we will be looking different aspects of Agricultural and how they may help the Banaban Community. Our special feature story this issue is 'The Personal War Diary of Private Thomas H. Embleton No. 22 Ocean Island Defence Force. Ocean Island. Pacific Central.' Total 18 pages.