Computer Project Rabi - 2004



20 Computers for Rabi Island


During the recent visit of Iakoba Karutake, Chairman of Rabi Council of Leaders (RCL) and Molly Amon, Director/Secretary (RCL) to Australia before their attendance at the ISISA 2004 conference in Kinmen Island, Taiwan, some very productive meetings with various business people and other interested groups were held.

The outcome of one such meeting with Len Limpus, Community Work Coordinator with Salvation Army Employment Plus was the donation of 20 computers for Rabi High School (please see 'Press Release' following for details). Two of the programmes trainers have also volunteered to travel to Rabi Island at their own expense to assist the Banaban community further by setting up the computer network for the school and train teachers and students early in the new year.

Rabi will have an automated telephone exchange by the 20 December 2004 and this will give the island access to the internet for the very first time.

We would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Len Limpus, and all those at The Salvation Army Employment Plus and Career Path Employment and Training for their wonderful efforts in extending this exciting project to the Banaban community living on Rabi Island in Fiji.

We would also like to ask for sponsors to help assist this important and ongoing project with the Rabi Community. To assist the project further we are seeking donations to pay for the freight charges between Australia and Fiji, the ongoing-operational costs for the internet server provider in Fiji, and power surge protection packs for each unit. Donations of suitable software, stationary are also welcome.

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The Australian High Commissioner to Kiribati, Mr. Jurek Juszczyk, visited The Salvation Army Employment Plus Work for the Dole project in Ipswich on 23 November, to personally thank and encourage the participants, who have been upgrading Pentium 2 computers and sending them to the Republic of Kiribati (pron Kiribas) in the Central Pacific, where there is a desperate need for information technology all round, especially in the schools. Kiribati is a Commonwealth Country, formerly known as the Gilbert Islands.  

The idea for the activity developed after a visit to Brisbane late last year, when President Anote Tong of Kiribati, on his return form CHOGM, had a chance meeting with The Salvation Army Community Work Co-ordinator, Len Limpus.  An offer to assist   was made when it was learned  in  conversation that many Kiribati senior High School students had not yet been introduced to computers. President Tong not only accepted the offer but personally signed certificates of appreciation for the work for the dole participants. 

Due to the President’s personal involvement in the project it received a high profile in the Kiribati press, and Mr Jurek observed,   “Projects of this kind reinforce Australia’s image as a committed development assistance partner. The people-to-people dimension of Computers for Kiribati is particularly valuable”.

The activity was initiated by The Salvation Army Employment Plus, Ipswich through its Community Work Coordinator Len Limpus, while training, and supervision, was provided by Career Path Employment and Training. 



Students at WGMS High School Kiribati enjoying their new computers. Lack of Chairs is no deterrent (click on image to enlarge)


Students working with their new computers at SHHA High School Tarawa, Kiribati (click on image to enlarge)

Some of the work for the dole participants, have been donating extra time to the activity and in at least in one case, one participant who secured employment was able to organise a generous donation of monitors to the activity from his new employer.

So far 71 computers have been sent to Kiribati by the activity, 20 are now ready for Rabi, Island in Fiji, and another 20 ready for Kiribati.

Kiribati’s and Rabi's need for computers are insatiable, and the need for donations of  Pentium 2 and above computers and hard drives is going to be ongoing.

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