Cyclone Ami Damage Report No.4

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Received 8 Feb 2003


This information has just been provided by Binati Sigrah, who is the local Fiji Police Officer on Rabi and Ken Sigrah's eldest brother.


Binati has done a survey of just two of the villages in the aftermath of Cyclone Ami.  Tabwewa and Uma which also includes the main business district of Nuku.  

His estimates are based on housing alone and he has been so busy in these areas that he has not even had time to carry out survey in Tabiang and Buakonikai to estimate the extend of damage there.  It is believed however that the main impact of Ami was felt in these northern regions of Rabi while Tabiang and Buakonikai would have still included damage from high winds, flooding and storm surges.  

His report is not good -

He has categorised damage into two main areas - 

Partially damaged - meaning lost of either windows, some roofing iron and kitchens and other extensions on homes. 

Gone - which includes houses that are completely uninhabitable, totally lost or unrepairable, or all roofing completely gone (as seen in photos that have already been posted to this website)

  Approximately 200 homes are PARTIALLY DAMAGED 

   25 homes are - GONE

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