Cyclone Ami Damage Report No.2 contd...


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DAMAGE REPORT NO.2 contd....  

Received 30 Jan 2003



We are still waiting to receive a written report on the extent of damage on Rabi, but just judging from the photos we have already seen, it looks like everyone has suffered damage to some degree.  We also have included photos of our house that had just been renovated and we were due to be staying there when Cyclone Ami hit.  It is an absolute miracle that no one was killed or badly injured.

We would also like to call on all our friends and visitors to this website to please get behind the Rabi Relief fundraising. We only have until the end of February to get money over to Suva so that it can be distributed where it is so badly needed across the entire community.

We would also like to ask those who are involved or have connections with groups like Rotary, Lions or other clubs and associations to try and get your clubs involved in this important fundraiser.  Also your own church community where you live.  What a great project to get behind and know that your efforts to help will not only be greatly appreciated but really lift the spirits of our people back home. The whole process of trying to rebuild Rabi is daunting.  As one of our friends who had been to Rabi said,  'It is terrible to think that people with so little before Cyclone AMI may now be without a roof over their heads...'

We will post details on where money can be sent to the RELIEF FUND as soon as Bauro gets back to us.  Meanwhile if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on email or post any public announcements via the MESSAGE BOARD.

Ti akabo ao teke raoi!  Ken Sigrah  


Damage Report No.3... 


Photo 8:  House of Ken Sigrah situated on the knoll (or the hill) at Kesu Kesu (I would like to thank my children, family and friends for all the hard work they put into the house leading up to AMI)




Photo 9 Back view of Ken Sigrah House of Kesu Kesu. (On the left side of the house it drops away to a beach about 60 feet below)


Photo 10:  House of Teraaka at the very end of Tabwewa past the Catholic maneaba (meeting house) 


Photo 11:  House of Betero at the farmers settlement at Eritabeta (where the fresh water spring is located north of Tabwewa village).

Damage Report No.3... 

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