Cyclone Ami Damage Report No.2


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Received 30 Jan 2003


This message was received today from Bauro Kabure, Secretary, Banaban Trust Fund Board

My apologies for the slight delay in getting back earlier as agreed.

Everyone seems to be tied down with their children getting back to school right now and the attempts to open an appeal fund account may take some time.

However, I have discussed with the Chairman of the Banaban Trust Fund - Ratu Epeli Kanaimawi and in principle we have agreed to facilitate any collection of appeal funds to a trust account at Westpac Banking Corporation, Suva Branch.

I will wait for the endorsement of our other trustees by tomorrow and will advise you on the account number.

All funds collected will individually be accounted for and transferred in turn to the Rabi Council of Leaders. We will close off the collections on 28th February, 2003.

Kindest regards,  Bauro

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Photo 4:  House of Nei Tekan situated on the waters edge at the Sports Ground -  Nuku (where 4 houses were completely lost)




Photo 5:  House of Tiboua at Nuku Village a few doors down from the road up to the Guest House.

Photo 6:  House of Nei Kautu at Tabwewa near the Catholic maneaba (meeting house) 


Photo 7:  House and Hall of Uoue Abetai, the leader of the Rabi Dancing Group at Nuku not far from the hospital on the seaside. 

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