Cyclone Ami Damage Report No. 1



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Received 23 Jan 2003

Here are the first photos of Rabi sent to us by Bauro Kabure, Secretary of the Banaban Trust Board, Suva. Tomorrow Bauro will organise to set up a Rabi Relief Trust Fund account in Suva, Fiji so we can start to try and fundraise to help our people back in Rabi. We will post details of this account on the MESSAGE BOARD as soon as they become available. 

Here is the also the latest information from Ken's brother, Biniati who is stationed at the Fiji Police Post in Rabi.  He has been helping co-ordinate emergency assistance. We have asked him to try and access the damage for us into 3 categories.

1.  Partially damaged

2. Badly damaged  

3. Totally gone

Just to give you a clearer idea of damage – from Uma church back through Nantoi, Kesukesu, Nuku and Tabwewa all areas here hit, houses suffered some type of damage and all food trees.  Tabiang and Buakonikai seemed to be protected more from the full brunt of AMI's force.



  • The kindergarten at Nuku  - Totally gone

  • Local police and magistrate court - Roofs gone - and rest ready to collapse altogether.

  • Guest house - OK.

  • 4 houses at beach side sports ground -  Totally gone

  • Hospital - OK. 

  • Council office - OK, but generator not working properly.

  • Post Office-  OK

  • Banaban Primary School Nuku - Partially damage

Biniati will supply more details of actual numbers of houses lost and damaged etc over the phone tomorrow night - 24 Jan 2003.  Bauro Kabure will also email more photos and info tomorrow for us.



Photo 1:  House of Teirabung Christoper at Nuku (about 6 houses away from hospital)

Photo 2:  House of Matiria and Alesio at Kesusu about 3  houses down the hill from Ken Sigrah's house at Kesu Kesu (both are teachers at Banaban Primary School, Nuku)


Photo 3:  House of Tekanabu at Nuku is the house on the beachside opposite Photo 1 (this solid concrete house has also been moved off its foundations by the storm surge from the sea)


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