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Banaban children swimming on Banaba today... April 2004


March 8 1999

TARAWA, The drought-stricken atolls of the central Pacific island nation of Kiribati appealed today for desalination plants as their natural water supplies near exhaustion.

In an appeal to Australia and other donors, President Teburoro Tito said the country has had no significant rain for eight months. The situation is worsening daily, he said. Kiribati consists of 33 low atolls totalling 817 square kilometres of land spread over 3.55 million square kilometres of ocean.

Their 81,000 Micronesian inhabitants are dependent on water mainly from rain running off the roofs of their houses into tanks or from shallow wells that tap limited supplies from fresh water that pools under many atolls.

Most rainfall is normally from November to March, but this year's season has apparently been badly affected by abnormal weather patterns warped by the El Nino affect.


March 2 1999

State of natural disaster declared in Kiribati

TARAWA -- The President of Kiribati, Teburoro Tito, has declared most parts of the country -- particularly South Tarawa and Banaba, a disaster area because of a prolonged drought.

The drought has hit the entire country, drying up most of its underground fresh water supplies.

The Government of Kiribati will spend almost one million US dollars on a machine to convert seawater into freshwater as a short-term measure.

President Teburoro is also asking international donor agencies for help in dealing with the severe health conditions created by the drought.

Radio Kiribati reports that because of the dry weather, most places have become dustbowls, making the population prone to air-borne viruses.

Much of the crop in Kiribati is also reported to be badly affected....

As of February 1996

The Banabans on Banaba held three day celebrations to commemorate the 50th. Anniversary of the Banabans arrival on Rabi. Special guest of honour was - Kauoman ni Beretitenti, Vice President of Kiribati, the Honourable Mr. Tewareka Tetoa. This was another first for the Banabans as this was the first time ever that the Government had participated in the Banabans 15th. December celebrations.


The 50th. Celebrations held on Banaba, 15th. December 1995.

The Kiribati Government has also agreed to pursue the idea of rehabilitating Banaba after the ravages caused through phosphate mining. Other developments included the governments agreement to build an airstrip on Banaba, and to look at local developments on the island, which is currently in a very poor state. The island is currently in the grips of a major drought, and urgent public works needs to be carried out to repair water pipes, and water tanks on the island. Also the Banabans are hoping that a regular shipping service can be supplied to the island, and the repairs to the mooring buoys on the island can be made.  The current population of Banaba is now over 300 people.












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