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Google satellite view of Banaba today from Home Bay, Uma... April 2004





YouTube documentary made by abalir888 USA, Kiribati


January 22 2008


A short documentary about the effects of global warming on Kiribati, a nation of

33 coral atolls in the central Pacific.


* Excellent interviews and footage - a must see story for those Banabans thinking of migrating  to Kiribati Islands other than Banaba.







Timoara Natan, Tarawa Kiribati


First of all greetings from the Frigate Boxing Club members here in Tarawa!

The Club is operating with 50% of it's administrative people being  Banabans and the other  50% are our local supporter, who are really working with us. These are the names of Banabans whom support the club me as the President - Timoara Natan.


Tarieta Ruata Coach, Tabuaki Teaoti our sport development officer, Koria Katauea Assistant Coach, Technical Officers are Naborau, Ioera Simon and the rest are the local full supporters.


While our Club has been having our friendly matches with the following nations Fiji, Nauru and the Solomons. Through our effort we have been bringing Kiribati boxing to a good standard. Our Club is about to attend the Oceania Championship that will be help in Samoa this month.


Timoara Natan


Opening of Frigate Boxing Club Tarawa

Team ready for Solomon Tour

Banaban Voice


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