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We now have a limited email connection with Rabi and the beginnings of our first direct news service from the island since 1997 and the efforts of our past correspondent - Kaiea Bakanebo who worked using transferred fax messages and the slow mail service.

A big 'ko raba' to the Rabi team and it is great to be able to hear news from back home and even receive photographs. If you have any new items you would like to share please email: Ken or Stacey at admin@banaban.com. Photos are also welcome.

Also you can also hear a live broadcast of Bwanan Rabi (Rabi Radio Programme)
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*Welcome to our new Rabi reporter Takenteiti Takaio , a form seven student at Rabi High School and interested in computer studies. A big ‘ko raba’ to Takenteiti for supplying us with local news updates from Rabi. Hope there is a lot more to come. K&S








As I write Rev. Kabung Tabuariki had just concluded devotional service to mark the opening of our celebrations. Following the devotion would be the elders address on the significance of the day. Ientake Noere's will provide a keynote address, followed by a rendition by Banaban Cultural Group on the traditional lifestyle of Banabans at their ancestral homeland. Other activities for the day would be 15 December pageant , traditional and contemporary dancing and traditional sport.

At the moment there are more than 200 people present at the Celebration venue. It is hoped that this number would increase as more people arrive. The official function was supposed to have started at 8am, but as usual it was delayed by more than 2 hours.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted.

Ti a bo moa

Aren  Baoa



As the celebration gets closer to finality an estimated 400 Banabans and friends have joined in to mark this important occasion. The Titanic Dancing Group is now performing, a performance that should have happened more than three hours late. There is a likelihood that the traditional games would be either shortened or totally removed from the programme. What is heartening about the occasion is the people's participation. The pageant contest was a real success and so as the other activities organised. The presence of the SDA group is specially acknowledged as this would be one of the few times when the celebration is being on a day other than Saturday.  

Ti a bo moa



We have now reached the prize giving part of the programme for pageant contest, which is also the finale for the day. This is only part of the programme that attracts prizes. I can safely confirm now that the traditional games have all been cancelled.  There is a total of five pageants vying for Ms. Suva 15; Nasinu, Titanic, Veisari, Savutalele and Banaban Culture. The panel of judges that are responsible for the evaluation of each contestants are; Rev. Amosi Taratai, Tebutia, Joanne Terubea, Maketara Tom. I will get back to you when the winner of the pageant has been finalised.



The overall winner of Suva 15 Contest is Ms. Banaban Culture, Jennifer Asitoa. The other contestants also won prizes in various categories. You may have suspected that the names of the other contestants would be difficult to come by, however for ease of identification I will use their parents names instead; Ms. Nasinu- Kaitama/Takeiti daughter; Ms. Savutalele is Nei Terenga; Ms. Titanic - Kiatoa/Nei Ata's daughter; Ms. Veisari Tekata/Ato's daughter;  The celebration  was concluded with a prayer by an elder; Karoro Tekenimatang.  

Ti manga bo


Winner - Ms. Banaban Culture -Jennifer Asitoa

Ms. Veisari  -Tekata/Ato's daughter

Ms. Savutalele - Nei Terenga

Ms. Nasinu- Kaitama/Takeiti daughter

Ms. Titanic - Kiatoa/Nei Ata's daughter






31 August 2008

By *Takenteiti Takaio


On Friday night a fire broke out at Uoue Abetai's house at Farm settlement turning the house into ashes. Umesh (Temansiro's husband) said the house and all the furnitures worth about $20,000. Police are still investigating.



25 August 2008

By *Takenteiti Takaio



The Rabi Council of Leaders has passed the funding for electrification for the small settlements that have not been included in the Fiji Government Rural Electrification Scheme. Last week the RCL Electrician Biara Touakin installed electricity at Eritabeta and Tabiang Airstrip Settlement. These two settlements have now enjoying the lights at night through the RCL assistance. Laselase, Nukudrasi and Nakoro will be having lights before November this year.

Meanwhile Nuku Electrification Project is still yet to be completed. It is expected to be completed before December 2008.

So this forthcoming festive season in December 2008, Rabi Island will be full of lights.


The Public Works Department arrived on Rabi for Road maintenance just before the Prime Minister came to Rabi Island. It was also during the worst road condition on Rabi. However their work started well from Buakonikai and still yet to reach Tabiang. 


Rabi High School has just switched on to free power supply within the last three weeks. Clay Engineering Solar Co supplied the materials and installed them. This project was funded by Rob Edward and his family. Now the school will no longer need diesel fuel to power the computers and their main Office.

**Rob Edwards is the founder of It’s Time Foundation and this solar project at Rabi High School is the model for future projects by the Foundation. Rob will be providing us with a lot more details on the project soon. Here are some photos of the launch of the solar project at Rabi High School.**


Students from the nearby primary school doing a traditional dance at the opening ceremony of the solar system.


The assistant principal, IT teacher and myself at the panel array. The building to the left houses the batteries and invertor for the system and the generator.


The IT teacher (foreground was somewhat pleased his resources of  two 10-year-old computers where replaced by these. A comprehensive and appropriate collection of software was included.


The school principal’s speech at the opening “…. you can not understand the importance these changes will make to our school” (In fact we did not expect the fan fare nor did we understand how valued the initiative would be)





Friday, August 22, 2008



HAVING to weed yaqona plantations to raise money to attend the Netball Inter- District Championship is inspiration enough for the Rabi team to perform well. The Netball IDC begins today in Laucala Bay with 44 teams taking part in the two-day event. Having travelled hundreds of miles from their island home, the Rabi team will be appearing for the first time at the championship. Facing financial difficulties, the island girls — players and officials — pitched in to weed yaqona plantations on the island in return for cash.

"Raising funds is one of the major obstacles on the island," Rabi Netball president Teri Takesau said.

"We have had to work on farms and in return, the farmers give us sacks of yaqona which we sell. The money helped pay for our trip to Suva.

"The girls do it for the love of the game and we're happy to be participating.



Rabi Womens Netball Team


FRONT:  of Uniform carrying Banaban emblem Atuara Buokira  (Oh Gold Help Us!) and four village colours




BACK: of Uniform proudly sponsored by Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil from Nature Pacific, Australia


"We've had a lot of support from the Rabi Council and Banaban community in Australia (through corporate sponsorship from Nature Pacific Pty Ltd) which donated our uniforms."

Apart from finance, the team faced problems with facilities.

"We don't have much facilities to train the girls so we take them to the beaches and the hills for stamina training.

"It's something that we have had to live with but we try and get past each day.

"We don't have qualified coaches so whoever knows how to play netball is considered a coach."

More information and photos can be found at:

Banaba Message Board at: http://users3.smartgb.com/g/g.php?a=s&i=g30-04300-e5

and Nature Pacific Pty Ltd (corporate sponsors) at: http://www.naturepacific.com/contents/en-us/d75_latest_news.html





Bwanan Rabi News Update 

By  Aren Baoa 8 July 2008

This is to inform you that our radio programme Bwanan Rabi now has an email address.

The address is: bananrabi@gmail.com

At the moment members of broadcast team are; Naunae Bakai, Ranoba Baoa and Taumanibure Buratake for Suva and Terikano Takesau and  Rusan Tuari for Rabi.

For now we would appreciate your support in providing relevant stories to our programme. We encourage that everyone to write to our new email address in our local language. However, we still appreciate your contribution in English text if this is going to be difficult...but as long as it not in Chinese, Arabic or other Foreign language (just joking). We will soon be conducting a survey on our audience soon to allow us to deliver a better programme format and content in the future. The survey will be conducted here Suva and via email. A questionnaire is now being composed for this.

We hope that the programme will be much improved by the end of year. Once we are in a better position to sustain quality and continuity of service, we would then apply to Radio Fiji for an extension of time, from 30minutes to an hour.

In preparation for a more challenging air time the team would require training in writing and diction, a lot of practice, equipment and production funds. Your comments and support to this service is appreciated.
Ti a manga bo.

Please respond to bananrabi@gmail.com  Aren Baoa for Bwanan Rabi Radio Team.




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